Yummy’s to Eat (Food Truck of Brazilian Food)

Location: Food Truck that goes to different breweries of Denver Metro Area during the week (check their website or Facebook page for more information)

Website: https://yummystoeat.com/

Facebook: Yummy’s to Eat – Facebook   Instagram: Yummy’s to Eat – Instagram

Have you ever tried Brazilian food? If your answer was “no” than I should tell you to be prepared, because you will start drooling after reading this post. That said, I would like to recommend a joyful experience, that was recommended by a friend of mine some months ago. Yummy’s lives up to its name, serving amazing Brazilian delicacies!

Julianna and Daniel are the owners of the Yummy’s food truck. She is from São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, and he is from Colorado, this amazing and lovely state. Their nice American & Brazilian entanglement is reflected in their menu, since there is a little bit of both cultures together. By the way, this is a very unique characteristic of gastronomy, since food from different cultures enrich each other, and this is amazing!

Ok, let’s talk a little bit about what they serve. In their menu we’ll see a little bit of the American culture with a touch of Brazilianness, such as the “Tacos Brazilian Way”, the Angus beef & Picanha stripes burger, and the Brazilian style sausage sandwich. But they also have some exclusive Brazilian delicacies, such as the coxinhas (chicken croquette), rissoles (type of empanada), and the pão de queijo (also known as pão de queijo – my heart melts for it).

As a mineira (Minas Gerais is an important gastronomic reference in Brazil), I can tell you that their pão de queijo is amazing! They really know how to make this baking good, just like how we mineiros make it (pão de queijo is originally from Minas Gerais).

The texture and flavor of their pão de queijo are perfect! A great texture for a pão de queijo is when the surface is more crispy (not hard or very crunchy, but it has some crunchiness) and inside is soft. Can you see, in the picture, these golden spots on the pão de queijo? So, this is the best indicative of a well-made cheese bread. Do you know why? Because it indicates it has CHEESE!!! The most important ingredient in a pão de queijo, and their pão de queijo is full of cheese. Yum!

IMG_1889Pão de queijo and Guaraná Antarctica, a perfect combination! If you never tried Guaraná, there’s a nice opportunity to do it. This is one of our favorite soft drinks in Brazil.

Aahhh! Coxinha (chicken croquette) I love you! No, not more than the pão de queijo, but you definitely have a special place in my heart! And Yummy’s chicken croquette has something very unique in the dough, which is very creamy and tasteful and they probably have some secret ingredient for it. They are crispy outside and soft inside. The pulled chicken is moist and well seasoned, just like it has to be! Oh, an important detail: there’s some cream cheese inside the coxinha, can you imagine how delicious this is?


IMG_1958Delicious coxinha: can you try to imagine how deliciously crispy, soft, moist and tasteful this is at the same time?


Another favorite: Rissoles! This half moon delicacy is amazing! They have ham & cheese (picture) and beef flavors. I tried both and I can say that both are really amazing! They are also crispy outside, and inside the dough is soft. This melting cheese is incredible! I truly recommend this!


They also have other savory options, such as fried yuca or cassava (yes, yuca with one “c” only) and codfish croquette. They are also super delicious! Well, fried yuca is a super common appetizer in Brazil that really goes well with beer!

Well, and I also need to talk about the desserts, of course!! I always try to resist them, but it’s almost impossible, especially when the dessert is churros with doce de leite. Churros is a type of doughnut covered with some sugar and cinnamon, and doce de leite (or dulce de leche in Spanish) is a caramel.  They come in a nice portion that could serve two people. And nope, I don’t share mine… It’s mine, my own, my precious!


So… Did you get hungry with this post like I did? I hope you’ve liked it and enjoy all the good stuff from Yummy’s food truck! 🙂

by Lalá.

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