Piggin’ Out Smoke House

Location: 9987 Morrison Rd, Lakewood, CO.

Piggin’ Out is a barbecue place which a friend of mine told me about this week. She also mentioned that, this is a very well-spoken place, so obviously I became eager to go there. I didn’t even waited for her. Sorry Debora, I’ll go with you next time! Hehe! 😁 Despite of never hearing about them before, the restaurant was opened 12 years ago. Piggin’ Out is in the corner of Morris and Kipling St, in Lakewood. Funny that me and Lucas went straight through the restaurant because we were expecting to see a big restaurant, with large front sign. However, when we turned back to try to find it again, we noticed that the restaurant was in a small house, with a large patio full of tables and and ancient truck with the sign of the restaurant. That was very original and creative! I loved it! There aren’t any tables inside, but as today was warm outside, even that it is fall, we decided to enjoy the meal and some sun light in the patio. However, if it’s too cold, you won’t have another option but to take out.

They have several options in their menu, including some special sandwiches (there was one with pulled pork, pineapple and something else which seemed to be awesome, and I wanna try next time), but I decided to have something more “traditional”. I chosed a pulled pork sandwich which came in a French roll, and baked beans and cornbread as sides. There are two options for bbq sauce (mild and spicy), and both are very delicious! I preferred the mild sauce instead of the spicy one, because they added some whisky in it, making the sauce, and my sandwich, even more special and tasteful! By the way, you can purchase the bottle of bbq sauce if you want to. Their baked beans were something else! They added pulled meat in the beans and there was an amazing flavor of brown sugar together. It was lovely and it matched perfectly with the smoked flavor of the meat! Cornbread was also amazing, fluffy and moist!! Yum-yum! Their options for sodas are only in can, which is not a problem for me! But they also have options of lemonade and iced tea, if you prefer. The meats are smoked daily, and the meal comes out really quickly! The pulled pork I had ordered, as well as the beef brisket Lucas ordered, were very juicy and deliciously smoked!

I tried to take a picture inside of the restaurant, but it was too full while we were there and I didn’t want to disturb everybody else. As my father always say: full restaurant, good food! 🙂

Juicy pulled pork with mild bbq sauce in a French roll, baked beans and cornbread. 🙂

By Lalá

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