Pizza Republica

Location: 890 14th St, Downtown Denver, CO.

If you’re looking for a Neapolitan style pizza in Denver, one of the places I recommend is the Pizza Republica. This is an Italian Restaurant located below the Convention Center in Downtown Denver (there are other locations, as indicated in their website), which serves some Italian dishes, but their main focus are the delicious wood-fired pizzas. Reservations are recommended.

I’ve been planning to go to Pizza Republica for a long time, and I finally managed to schedule a day to try it! They have many options of pizza in their menu, and you can also build your own by choosing the type of sauce, meat, extra cheese and other ingredients. I decided to build my own pizza, ordering olive oil, garlic and fresh mozzarella as my sauce, and goat cheese, black figs and Parma ham as toppings. It was amazing, not only because the dough was incredible, but also because their ingredients are fresh and of great quality (yes, the quality will be clear when you taste it). My other friends, who came with me that day, ordered one of the house pizzas, the Pizza Diavola, with red sauce, spicy Italian sausages, mozzarella and olive oil. Very hot, but very delicious! If you’re not in the mood for a pizza, you can have other dishes as well. Besides the salads, they also have steak, salmon, shrimp… All of those accompanied by some pasta and an Italian sauce.

The pizza I built (proud of myself, hehe), and the small slice of Tiramisù!

The house wine selection is also very good, including wines from different regions of Italy. We had a Vietti Perbacco 2014 (from Piemonte), which matched perfectly with the spicy pizza. However, if you’re having a fruity pizza as I had, you can choose to have a lighter red wine, a rosé, or a white wine. Well, you can always ask for assistance if necessary, and they’ll help you harmonize the wine with your dish and with your preferences!

After all the gastronomic craziness (not to say something else), we ordered a dessert. Of course I wouldn’t resist a Tiramisù! Luckily me and Lucas decided to share one, as they are gigantic! Haha! Their Tiramisù have a special touch of cinnamon, which makes it very special! Yum-yum!

Something I thought it was also very nice is that you can make the reservations through the app OpenTable, or via their website! Lovely!

by Lalá

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